Gust Elementary

2nd Grade

Second graders have been learning about Animals and their Habitats!  Our next unit of study will include fables, folktales, and how characters points of view are different. Students are learning how to read more complex texts and write about their ideas.  Ask your child about the thinking strategies he/she has also been learning to develop deeper comprehension skills.

As always, we ask for your commitment and support in assisting your child with homework, and providing the opportunities for writing and reading for at least 20 minutes every night.

When our students work hard at school, and receive your support at home, we will see the biggest growth from these combined efforts!

In math, students will be working with 2-digit numbers to solve
more word problems! Drawings, number lines and comparison charts are some of
the strategies they will be expanding their use of. In class, math games will
also be helping the students to model, read and compare 3-digit numbers, as
well as solving addition facts to 20.

Ms. Roybal & Ms. Brown

Ms.Valero & Mr. Williams

Ms. Gomez