Gust Elementary

2nd Grade

During the month of November students will be discovering new information about plant and animal habitats. They will also be writing a nonfiction essay. Students are learning how to write an interesting topic sentence, main ideas, supporting details and a thoughtful conclusion. We also continue to learn about how thinking strategies deepen our understanding of the texts we read. The phonics component of our curriculum builds on language, vocabulary and figuring out how words work.  Keep studying those spelling words!

Your child should also be reading for 20-30 minutes every night! We know that practice helps all of our students grow as readers and writers!   

Students will be finishing their work with number lines and beginning Unit 3 this month.  Practice will help them to be proficient in using hundreds, tens, and ones to put together and take apart numbers. The next step is for  students to apply their addition and subtraction skills to solve word problems.

We are grateful for your support and the opportunity to teach your child! Know that we welcome your comments and feedback!

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