Gust Elementary

5th Grade

Literacy: We have finished reading Esperanza Rising and are now working on researching and writing about human rights activists. As we enter in to November, we will be beginning our module on the rainforest and focus more on research writing.  Students should read 30 minutes each day at home.

Math and Science: In math are finishing our unit studying the volume of rectangular prisms using the formula (Volume = Length x Width x Height). Our next unit will focus on using the order of operations (Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication or Division, Addition or Subtraction) to solve multi-step equations. In science, we have finished our Weather Systems unit and will transition into studying Human Body Systems. Our district interim testing will be on Thursday, November 8th. Please continue to support your student in math by asking them what they are working on in class everyday and making sure they are practicing their multiplication and division facts every night at home.