Gust Elementary


Happy November! The fall season is off to a great start. Thank you to all of the families that came to our conferences.  It is always wonderful to get to share the progress that our students have made in such a short time of Kindergarten. There is much to look forward to this month. In math, we will continue our focus on numbers—writing them, identifying them, and representing them in different ways (with tally marks, ten frames, etc.). In reading, we are continuing to grow in our knowledge of letters, sounds, sight words, and concepts about print. We are learning to be writers, too! We’ve been working on using the sight words we learn in our writing as well as to sound out our words. On Friday, November 16th we will have our Kindergarten Friendship Feast–more information will be coming soon with all of the details. Fall Break will be the week of November 19th.

Ms. Belknap

Mrs. Velarde

Mrs. Dock

Ms. Liakos