Gust Elementary


The fourth and fifth grade violin students did a marvelous job performing their songs for the ensemble performance on January 17. They appeared to be very proud of themselves and appreciated seeing so many families in the audience supporting their performance. We hope to see that many, if not more, for their concert May 10 as we begin preparations.

Kindergarten and 1st grade have started learning songs for their music programs that will be coming this April. Kindergarten will be performing songs along with the book Opposites that will feature different musical opposites. 1st grade will also be performing music along with a book called My Many Colored Days. Students will demonstrate creative movements to go along with the story as well as sing songs to fit with some of the colors in the book. We look forward to sharing these songs with you next month.

ECE has covered quite a few musical topics this past month with syncopated rhythms, melody and now tempo. We look forward to seeing everyone March 7 at 3:40 pm for our second ECE Music Program with a set of songs focusing on different musical concepts from body percussion, rhythm to tempo. See you there!

Mrs. Doerksen