Gust Elementary

Physical Education

We are wrapping up our gymnastics unit and can’t wait to start our next unit – volleyball! During our volleyball unit not only will we be working on basic volleyball skills (such as serving, setting, and bumping) but also on working together as a team and communication.

Many of our fifth graders were able to take part in our ski trip days in January and February. This was a great experience for the students and we look forward to providing this opportunity again to our fifth graders next year.

We are continuing to take our third grade classes swimming each Thursday. The schedule rotates, so your child should go about once every 4 weeks. Please keep an eye out for a note home that will let you know if your child’s class is going swimming that week.

Please continue to ensure that your child has the proper footwear (tennis shoes) so that he/she can safely participate in PE. If the weather dictates that your child wear boots to school, make sure he/she brings tennis shoes in his/her backpack.

As always, we ask you to encourage your child to get outside and be active!

Ms. Templeton and Mr Bowen