Gust Elementary

1st Grade

Hello Gust Tigers,


     In first grade, we’ve been learning about how all organisms grow and change throughout their lifetime. We explored different organisms such as butterflies, frogs, and oak trees. Now that we’re finished with that unit, we’ll be moving on to new units: Many Kinds of Characters and All Stories Have Narrators. In these units, we’ll work on identifying character and character traits and  the narrator is a story, and discuss how stories can change depending on who tells them. In math we are focusing on the value of position. The two-digit numbers represent tens and units, and how we can create equations to show what we think mathematically. We are also working with word problems so that reading becomes a really important part of our mathematical work. Please continue to assist your students at home with their homework, and ensuring that they are reading at least 20 minutes and evening on school nights. Only 4 short weeks until Winter Break; lots to do!!!



Ms. Siddens

Mrs. Lavelle

Mrs. Tejeda

Ms. Boniello

Mr. McManus