Gust Elementary

3rd Grade

Third Grade

In math, we continue our study of multiplication and division.  We will also be working on one-step and two-step word problems. Our current fact fluency focus is multiplying by: 2s, 4s, 10s and 11s.  To achieve “fluency” we look for your child to solve problems involving these numbers quickly and accurately (i.e., correct answer and quick answer).  Please practice multiplication facts with your child at home to support their learning in the classroom – for example 4×5, 2×8, 11×10 etc.  A fun strategy students are learning is to “Roll Numbers,” which is skip counting with a special chant and hand motions.  For a demonstration, ask your child to show you the “Rolling 5s.” It’s fun to watch and it is great practice for fact fluency. This month, students will learn a new Rolling Numbers chant for skip counting by 4 – which will build fact fluency for multiplying and dividing by 4.

Ms. McCandless

Ms. Breck

Mr. Hermosa-Tovar

In literacy, we will  be launching our second module of the year, which is about various cultures.  We will be reading both fiction and nonfiction texts about different countries, and the students will be working collaboratively in book clubs.  Please continue to support your child reading at least 30 minutes at home with books that are on their appropriate reading level!

Ms. McCorry

Ms. Franchini

Mr. Hermosa Tovar

Please talk to your child each day and ask him or her what was learned that day at school.

Ms. Franchini (Literacy)

Mr. Hermosa (ELA-S Math and Literacy)

Ms. McCorry (Literacy)

Ms. Kristin McCandless (Math)

Ms. Emily Breck (Math)