Gust Elementary

3rd Grade

This month in literacy we are continuing our module on cultures of different people and countries throughout our world.  Our current unit is looking at customs and traditions in Japan. In reading, we are continuing to work on comprehension skills to think more deeply about texts. While your student continues to grow in his or her reading level, it is very important that he or she continues to read at home.  Please help your child find a quiet space to read for at least 15 – 30 minutes every night. It is especially important to continue with this practice during winter break. Thank you for your support and happy December!

Third graders will be starting a new math unit on fractions. As in introduction, your child will be learning basic fraction concepts and academic language, such as equal parts, numerator, and denominator. We will move into more rigorous skills such as equivalent fractions and comparing fractions. Students will also be applying their learning to real-life situations like fractional amounts of food, money, and miles. As always, please support your child with homework and let us know if you have any questions.


Please talk to your child each day and ask him or her what was learned that day at school.

Ms. Franchini (Literacy)

Mr. Hermosa (ELA-S Math and Literacy)

Ms. McCorry (Literacy)

Ms. Kristin McCandless (Math)

Ms. Emily Breck (Math)